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AODA 2025 Compliance Resources 

AODA 2025 Training 

With 39 years experience supporting people with diverse disabilities, we are well positioned to help you as you work toward AODA compliance.

We offer a one hour virutal training session for organizations, businesses and individuals.  Upon completetion participants will receive a certificate of completion.   Please contact us at 705.445.1543 ext. 301 for more information and to book your training event.


Si vous souhaitez que ce présenté en français, veuillez contacter directement notre bureau au  705.445.1543 poste 301


BDB’s Start The Conversation AODA 2025 project provides essential tools and information for businesses and the private sector to help reach Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) compliance by 2025.  These resources are available in French and English.

The BDB Disability Resource Guide provides additional information for individuals living with visible and invisible disabilities as well as the general public.

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